Tincat Group Consulting Services

Monday, January 4, 2016

Press Release: New Version of the MultiValue Family Tree

Tincat Group provides management consulting for software companies and higher education.

We help seasoned software companies extend or otherwise enhance their offerings.

We help software companies thrive, both those working with MultiValue databases and those who specialize in higher education. We have been providing services to software companies as well as higher education since 2002.

Dawn M. Wolthuis From Dawn Wolthuis, President: "We can help you position your application software product line for the future, from product marketing to software architecture, from project management to implementation. We would love to assist you in developing or implementing your strategic directions and in helping you hit it out of the park on your current projects.

If the technology works and the politics are getting you down; if you could use a strategic collaborator related to the integration of information systems with people; if you are feeling stretched too thin; or if you simply want to run your situation past a qualified, interested party, feel free to email us for a free consultation."

We tackle challenging projects and opportunities where we see a good fit, and we have a network of colleagues who might be ready to tackle projects where their interests and skills would align better with your needs. In either case, we look forward to hearing about your unique situation to discuss how we might help.